Launch Delta4PT Phantom +

Delta4 Phantom+

Scandidos It has launched the system Delta4 Phantom+, the first system in the world for verification treatments completely wireless arcoterapia.

As usual, ScandiDos listens and takes into account each and every one of the suggestions from current users and implements improvements and new features to software and hardware level.

The system Delta4 Phantom+ It is the most accurate and efficient solution to check all the modern techniques of current arcoterapia.

What's New

  • Wi-fi architecture and operated with battery to work wirelessly.
  • New type P diodes that allow to maintain calibration 5 years.
  • Insert ionization chamber absolute measures.
  • Special Trolley adapted to the new format and design.
  • Action where it matters.
  • instant results without trial.

the Delta4 Phantom + is the only system that actually measures the dose distribution in the region of the isocentre. Instantly, we have available the results to know how many doses have been delivered to the PTV and the OAR's.

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