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Delta 4 Discover

Scandidos It has launched the system Delta4 Discover vivo dosimetry which monitors with precision the dose received by the patient in real time. Automáticamete compares the received dose with the planned dose. So the clinic and the patient be sure that the treatment will be delivered safely and accurately.

The system is fully implemented in the normal work routine of an accelerator and requires absolutely no extra attention by users. Adding security and confidence in the dose received, It allows the clinical staff to focus more on the patient and less on the accelerator.

The ultra slim Delta4 Discover It provides

  • Transparency: The system measures only 23 mm from the surface of the collimator and is compatible with the anti-collision system.
  • Attenuation: The attenuation of the system is less than 1% what makes Delta4 Discover the system that mitigates market less.
  • High resolution: The array consists of more than 4000 detectors positioned parallel blades multileaf allowing millimetric precision in sub detect possible positioning errors and dose.

D012 03 003 01 Specifications Delta4 Discover for TrueBeam

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How does it work?

Scandidos 15-063, Central Hospital in Vasteras

Discover Delta4 being used in treatment


Workflow with Delta4 Discover, how does it work, requirements and advantages.


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