The film RTQA is designed for routine quality control systems easy and safe way to administer radiotherapy systems in any form.rtqafilm


The Radiochromic autorevelado film is ideal for use in a filmless environment in modern hospitals and has the following features:

  • Dynamic range from 0,02 Gy to 8 Gy
  • It takes place in real time. No need for postexposure.
    • Eliminates the need for processing
    • Eliminates chemical waste
  • It can be handled in daylight (eliminates need for dark room)
  • Easy to cut and handle
    • Size and shape depending on your needs, use only what you need.
  • Waterproof (You can be immersed in a Cuba)
  • Very competitive prices compared to conventional film.

qualitative dosimetry

For faster, easier, more convenient and less costly quality control of radiation sources and commissioner linacs:

  • Alignment light and radiation field
  • Test star
  • Verification positioning HDR sources
  • Implantable autoradiography seeds


Why use gafchromic film RTQA?

– Only positions, radiates and looks. There is no need for dark room or the movie revealed.

– Simple and accurate, if the light field is not aligned with the radiation field is immediately and adjusted. Eliminates unnecessary time for repetitive exposures, measures and adjustments.

– Economic: cuts easily and use what you need.

Film sensitivity


The response of the film is dependent RTQA specific factors such as energy spectrum of the radiation source, the characteristics of the densitometer, film scanner, and other measuring means, etc.

Since the absolute RTQA film response can vary from batch to batch, the user should remeasure the answer when making a batch change.

Movie settings

It comes in three different sizes:

1.- P / N-111 size Gafchromic RTQA: 1.25″x11″

2.- P / N gafchromic RTQA-1010 Size 10″x10″

3.- P / N gafchromic RTQA-1010P Size 10″x10″

4.- P / N gafchromic RTQA 1417 size 14″x17″



Application HDR gafchromic film RTQA

The film RTQA 111 (dimensions 1.25″x11″) It is designed to check the positioning of the sources in HDR. It is designed for use on mannequin or directly attached to the catheter. We mark the positions of the catheter with a pen and checked against the autoradiographic image marks.

A key advantage of the strip RTQA 111 is the stability and alignment. Eliminates the worry of movement within and increases measurement accuracy. With a time of between 0,5 seconds 2 seconds depending on the source and, film RTQA 111 displays sharp images, where clearly the position of the fonts are displayed.


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