Software Film QA Pro 2017

Software Film QA Pro 2017

Pro software FilmQA 2017 is an easy to use solution for IMRT QA. The system simplifies the entire process of IMRT QA in three simple steps. The novelty of this new version is its powerful algorithm dosimetry triple channel that revolutionary way, uses three channels of background images without getting an accuracy and resolution single market.



Importing calculations

  • Meets DICOM RT
  • It supports most existing planning systems

Import measures

  • Optimized for movie EBT3


  • Automatically performs the correction of inhomogeneities with the three color channels available.
  • Use protocols are here.
  • Movie and saves time by scanning only once.


  • Shows dynamic profiles, isodose maps, for comparison of measured vs.. calculated.
  • They are obtained instantly:
  • – Gamma function
  • – Distance to Agreement (DTA)
  • – Unlike dose
  • Sample images superimposed isodose dose
  • Can scale the measured or calculated for comparison results when different MU irradiate with the film


  • Quick and customizable reports in PDF
  • It offers full view of the report and allows for network share or Web using a browser with full support.

QA Linac

  • the multiláminas tests (MLC) by testing:
  • – Picket Fence (Varian)
  • – Bayouth (Siemens)

Workshop compendium of information Radiochromic film 2014.

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