• Consultancy

It is an external service to customers who turn in order to find solutions to any problem or query. We pay the necessary help to solve a problem based on our experience, skill and craft.

The advisory service is complemented by our good work and experience in various sectors.

  • I + D

Research in radiation therapy and cancer treatment in general, It is aimed at getting results and experiences, expand knowledge and design-test theories in order to get a basis for knowledge-oriented therapeutic application.

Technological development is concerned with gaining knowledge and skills whose goal is the solution of practical problems using the technique.

But we are not only open to our sector projects. We are open to ideas and believe in them.

  • Distribution

The distribution of products is our greatest clinical background in the years of our company history. Closeness, amiability, education and treatment exquisite customer is what sets us apart from the competition.

further, our distribution service conducts business and capture new customers work in order to always increase the results and the installed base.

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