CBCT Electron Density Phantom Modelo 062MA

CBCT Electron Density Phantom Modelo 062MA

The Cone Beam (CBCT) Electron Density Phantom is designed specifically for imaging systems Cone Beam CT. Recent research shows that there may be discrepancies between the readings of the standard diagnostic CT and Cone Beam CT. The geometry of the Cone Beam CT requires additional material to control these parameters and verify all these variables.

The mannequin was designed in collaboration with Dr.. Peter H. Cossmann to provide a reliable tool for calibration of this device within the system voxels. CT calibration curves help enable the treatment plan directly with adaptive radiation data obtained by the Cone Beam CT. further, manikin can accommodate any ionization chamber for measuring absolute doses and correction of heterogeneity depending on the calibration curve.

The model 062MA CBCT Electron Density Phantom's covers geometries for cameras with dimensions up 40 x 40 cm. Made in Plastic Water®, It contains the same set of tissue equivalents inserts the standard model 062. Additional interchangeable blades allow repositioning manikin with increased 2,5 cm.


  • It can be used for multislice CT and Cone Beam CT.
  • It can be configured on the central axis and with known displacements.
  • Made of high quality material.
  • Until 17 Inserts different locations for tissue equivalent.
  • Special markers allow rapid evaluation of the system.
  • All materials accurately simulate the tissue indicated within the dummy.

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