ISO CUBE Daily QA Phantom Modelo 023

ISO CUBE Daily QA Phantom Modelo 023

PTV positioning is critical for accurate delivery of radiation treatment. Verify that all parameters of the imaging, location and orientation of lasers agree with the isocenter is crucial. Mannequin CIRS 023 It provides a cost effective system, fast and accurate testing of daily isocenter, also verifying IGRT systems.

The mannequin is specifically designed to perform daily inspections of lasers and light field LINAC. using the markings on the outside of the cube. The radiation field can be checked by using X-ray markers incorporated. Even, isocenter portal imaging system can also be checked with the system.

The manikin contains a fiducial mark and a movable test that can be used to ensure the correction table generated by imaging systems displacing certain quantities table and verifying that compensation is positioned in the real isocenter. The fiducial mark and displacement has a size of 6,35 mm diameter and are made of ceramics. To verify rotations, The system incorporates concentric circle marks to allow the user to objectively evaluate all configuration errors, including rotations. Cube ISO tolerance is ± 0,02 mm and the positioning accuracy is ± destination 0,1 mm.



  • fast and easy to use
  • unique fiducial that generate clear, crisp images in ILD and CBCT images
  • Fiducial mark shiftable to check the accuracy of the corrections of the table
  • Check
  • – laser alignment
  • – Light field size
  • – Accuracy of CBCT images
  • – OBI accuracy
  • – Accuracy table height


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