Thorax SBRT dummy Model 036A

036A dummy SBRT Thorax

Product development jointly by IMT and CIRS.

The high doses used in SBRT fraction requires a high degree of accuracy in the supply location and dose. Minor faults can lead to significant errors during treatment both the dose delivered to the tumor and surrounding tissues. dummy “E2E® SBRT Phantom” It provides a means for checking the chain of treatment during routine implementation and quality control.

The 036A-C Model XX-XX * is a chest containing body anthropomorphic articulated spine, ribs and lungs. All materials are suitable for use in kV and MV energies.

Chest section contains two volumes of lung tumors with inserts ionization chamber in the center of each. Lung proximity to the spine allows doctors to measure dose distribution in the tumor in high resolution and the dose delivered in a single delivery marrow. An axial section of the chest enables measurements of dose distribution in high resolution for the spine and spinal. There are holes for both films and cut to hollow inserts in both lung and axial cutting.

The body surface of the chest is machined concentric circle objectives, specific objectives and alignment marks daily system controls.

An optional abdominal section (Model 036-01) with 3D anatomy pack with column for film dosimetry and nanoDot ™ it is available separately. You can also accompany the "CBCT image Quality Phantom” (Model 062QA-35). The model 036-01 It offers additional boluses to allow non-coplanar assessments dose chest.

The dummy SBRT is a single tool for "End-to-End" evaluation of the location and dosimetric evaluation for use in radiosurgery based on frames and use in radiosurgery based IGRT (Frameless)


  • Thorax with articulated spine, ribs and lungs.
  • Abdomen Optional with "Data Pack & 3D bone ".
  • High Resolution anthropomorphic characteristics.
  • fiducial center point and lens shift to daily system controls.
  • Fast tool for the implementation of a program of SBRT
  • Excellent test environment Monte Carlo dose calculation verification
  • Supports use and test the capabilities of image orientation
  • SBRT facilitates planning and delivery lung, liver, and spine treatments


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