End2End dummy SBRT Steev Model 038

End2End dummy SBRT Steev Model 038

Implementation of SRS

Stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) It requires a high degree of accuracy in locating the PTV and dose delivery. Small errors can result in high doses in tumor volume parts and overdose nearby healthy tissue. The dummy Steev provides a means for checking each step that the patient will undergo throughout the process: from imaging with CT, RM y PET, to verification of the treatment plan.

Simulation of patient requires

The anthropomorphic Steev allows the use of multiple positionings and fasteners used in clinical application. Internal details such as cortical and trabecular bone, brain, spinal cord, teeth, sinus and trachea provide the most realistic clinical simulation to evaluate the effects of extra-cranial complex anatomies. Insets with geometric and organic lenses provide comprehensive means to control image quality, quality control and geometric machine TPS QA for greater confidence in system performance.

Dose measurements at isocenter and isocenter positions outside

Steev accommodates a variety of interchangeable inserts and tissues suitable for small equivalent dosimetry, including: micro ionization chambers, radiochromic film, MOSFET, TLD, OSL (nanoDot ™ *) and 3D gel. When it used in conjunction with various inserts imaging, Steev offers the most complete solution for testing and quality control for SRS systems.


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