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Discover Delta4 approved by Varian

Discover Delta4 approved for use with patients ranging from this week, Varian accelerators users already have the approval of these to install this system on its head and treat patients. With this announcement, Discover Delta4 becomes the first transmission system before validated patient detectors for use …

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Summary SEFM conference set-SEPR Girona 2017

Exceptional welcome products in Fimecorp International “5 Congress set SEFM-SEPR” Fimecorp International was present another year at the joint congress of the SEFM and SEPR in Girona. We are introducing the new design Delta4 Discover, much more in line with new models of current accelerators. Another product that caused a lot of interest …

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CHIEF 2017 Vienna

Scandidos en Estro Viena 2017 “Save time and increase safety with the latest innovations in QA” Como viene siendo habitual, the leading manufacturer of dosimetric solutions ScandiDos, You will organize a meal-symposium in which different users move their impressions and results to visitors wishing to attend the symposium. It will provide a lunch box …

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