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Discover Delta4 gets CE marking

Discover Delta4 Last month August, ScandiDos has obtained CE certification stamp for solution for In-Vivo Dosimetry Discover Delta4. sales brochure.

Delta4 Phantom+

Delta4 Phantom + ScandiDos has launched the Phantom Delta4 system +, the first system in the world for verification treatments completely wireless arcoterapia. As usual, ScandiDos listens and takes into account each and every one of the suggestions from current users and implements improvements and new features to software and hardware level. …

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In Vivo dosimetry solution for Discover

Delta 4 Discover ScandiDos has released Delta4 Discover system for dosimetry in vivo which monitors with high precision the dose received by the patient in real time. Automáticamete compares the received dose with the planned dose. Such clinical and patient will be assured that the treatment will be delivered in a manner …

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