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CHIEF 2017 Vienna

Scandidos en Estro Viena 2017 “Save time and increase safety with the latest innovations in QA” Como viene siendo habitual, the leading manufacturer of dosimetric solutions ScandiDos, You will organize a meal-symposium in which different users move their impressions and results to visitors wishing to attend the symposium. It will provide a lunch box …

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Delta4 Synthesis

Delta 4 SYNTHESIS* Delta4 Phantom + Discover Delta4 checks dose delivered on patient anatomy Delta4 Synthesis The system allows verifying the dose delivered on the patient's anatomical structure itself combining two sets of dosimetry: Delta4 Phantom + Delta4 Discover, both wireless systems for convenience of use. The …

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Commissioning Discover Delta4 (2ª Part)

Discover Delta4 second part of the presentation made by Dr. Alonso Gutierrez Health Science Center belonging to the University of Texas on the implementation of a clinical facility Delta4 Discover. sales brochure.