Thermoplastic precuts for Quick-fastener systems RT Cast 20 Small thorax mask with 2 L-profiles. [Item no.: RTC20-SFX-1523] (Available versions: RTC20-SFX-1123, RTC20-TCB-1123) RT Cast 30 Head mask with 3 L-profiles. [Item no.: RTC30-SFX-1523] (Available versions: RTC30-SFX-1123, RTC30-TCB-1123) RT Cast 30S Small head mask with 3 L-profiles. [Item no.: RTC30S-SFX-1523] (Available versions: RTC30S-SFX-1123, RTC30S-TCB-1123) RT Cast 33 …

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Ink markers for clinical use

Forget ink! It comes in blisters 0,5 a breakable closure. The pigments are sterilized by industrially validated method (gamma radiation sterilization at a higher dose level to 25 kGy). RAD SAFE® is accredited as a "medical device" product, class IIb (invasive implant), under the terms of the directive …

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